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Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss & Hair fall in Gurgaon

No one loves hair fall or hair loss. It is normal to bear the hair loss of 50 in a day but if it becomes excessive, it is the matter of tension. There are various reasons for the hair fall or hair loss which may lead to baldness if it is not treated on time. At VHCA Hair Clinic, we offer Ayurvedic hair treatment so as to get the desired results with no side-effects.

We provide highly effective Ayurvedic treatment which is manufactured in-house by the team of extreme professionals. The whole work is done by the experienced hair specialist who has knowledge of Ayurveda. The products are designed so as to cater the high-end hair solution from the hair spa, hair wash, hair smoothening and to cure hair fall & hair loss problems. The Ayurvedic medicine can be available in the form of the cream, oil, shampoo, oral medication, conditioner, and other customized herbal products. Our array of medicine helps to keep the scalp infection free so that hair fall can be avoided. The Ayurvedic treatment is applicable for all age groups and for all gender segments. The Ayurvedic medications are available at cost-effective pricing.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss in Gurgaon

Causes or reasons for Hair Falls or Hair loss:-

There are various reasons which are affecting the hairs directly or indirectly causing the negative impact on the hairs. The most popular causes are:-

  • Health problems such as fever, surgery, life stressor
  • Complications raised by medication, radiation, chemotherapy, chemicals
  • Childbirth and pregnancy
  • Hormonal changes or imbalances
  • Insufficiency of nutrition
  • Emotional trauma or High level of stress
  • Thyroid disease
  • Local skin infection or fungal infection
  • Low serum iron
  • Androgenic alopecia
  • The bad or unhealthy lifestyle like junk foods, smoking, drinking
  • Irregular sleep patterns or inadequate sleep
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Excess use of hair styling products
  • Dandruff, Hypothyroidism

We at VHCA Hair Clinic will cater for the maximum health and hair requirements through in-house products which are quite effective for hair restoration and hair growth. Ayurveda may show the slow results but results will be long-lasting. The natural herbs are used to build or prepare the Ayurvedic treatment such as amla, giloya, bhrigraj, Anant mool, mulethi etc which will fight to stop the greying hairs and hair fall/ hair loss. the Ayurvedic creams and oils are made of natural products which are easily available in the market such as Guava, Bee, Walnut Oil, Horsetail, Kurunthotti, onion, tulsi leaves, neelamari leaves, henna leaves, shikakai, root of vetiver, hibiscus leaves, linseed, lemon, guar gum, coconut oil, rosemary oil etc. Every essence has its own benefit and specialisation which will work to strengthen and lengthen the hairs naturally.

Benefits of Ayurvedic hair Treatments:-

  • Regenerates new hair
  • Natural looking hairs growth
  • Reduction of hair loss and hair fall
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Increase the volume along with the hair length
  • Nourishes hairs from the scalp
  • Prevent greying hairs

Ayurvedic treatment will cure the hair falls and hair loss and will remove the baldness. VHCA Hair Clinic produces its own effective products which are helping to grow the hairs naturally with giving classy look. The Ayurveda has no side-effects even. Contact VHCA Hair Clinic to avail Ayurvedic Treatment in Gurgaon for hair loss and hair fall at cost-effective prices for long-lasting results.

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