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Hair Transplant

Hair transplant

Having healthy luscious hair is the dream of all. But not everyone is blessed with genes that make them happy about their hair. In fact, quite a few times people with healthy and voluminous hair experience massive hair…

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Thyroid a Culprit for Hair Loss.!!

Throid hair loss

Hair is really a valuable asset as a crowning glory we all are proud of. Fair to call it a confidence booster. The moment we begin to lose it in bunches we must understand that there is something…

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Why You Should Never Choose a Cheap Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss treatment

Generally, we accept that looks matter and our appearance affect our social, personal and professional lives. Although it is said that ‘what is inside counts most’, but scientific evidence as well as common sense, tells us that attractive…

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10 Common Side Effects of Hair Transplantation

Effects of Hair Transplantation

10 Common Side Effects of Hair Transplantation Hair Transplantation – It is a surgical process in which the doctors remove the hair follicles from a donor site and implant them at the balding area of the scalp which…

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Does Shampooing Cause Baldness

Hair loss due to shampoo

Everyday shampooing is not good and we all know this because it dries out hair. But there are some questions that really trouble people such as What if you have extra-fine or oily hair that needs to be…

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Describe hair Bonding with Its Procedures, Advantages, and Disadvantages?

Hair Bonding In Gurgaon

Hair bonding is the process of weaving the hair to be placed with the adhesive over the scalp.  The adhesive used over here is also known as the hair glue. This gum is placed in a section of…

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Best Possible Clinical Procedure for Hair Restoration

robotic hair

People are suffering from hair loss problem. Some say it is due to the season whereas some blame the genes. But, there are many more reasons for hair loss and hair fall. Our environment is filled with dust…

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Check Out the Complete procedure of FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE or Follicular unit extraction is also known as a follicular transfer. These days, most of the people complain about hair fall issues. There are many modern ways of planting it again. FUE is a name connected to…

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