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Can Hair Transplant Scars Be Permanently Removed?

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Hair loss has been a growing problem as well as this may cause people to lose their confidence and charisma. There are similarly many ways to cure this with Hair Transplants being a procedure that has been in trend lately. It involved removing the follicles of hair from the ‘donor site’ and transplanting them to the ‘recipient site,’ i.e. the bald side through the use of surgical methods.

How is the hair transplant procedure performed these days?

FUT and FUE are two types of techniques commonly used for these procedures and both of them lead to dissimilar scars. Your pattern of hair loss, the quantity of hair at the ‘donor site’, and the nature and extent of your hair loss are all factors that determine the types of scars you’ll face. Hair transplant cost may also deter some people from going through with the procedure.

Removal of scars after hair transplant

Hair Transplanting is an effective procedure and has been evolving continuously. Although a lot of people prefer hair transplanting procedure, there are similarly as many people who hesitate to go forward with their plans because of some common misconceptions like the scars after the surgery. 

There are similarly numerous procedures available for the removal of scars like – 

  • The techniques employed by the hair transplant doctor to reduce and lessen the scars.
  • With increasing age, your skin may show a natural tendency for sagging.
  • Scars can be camouflaged with cosmetics.
  • If you have keloid scars prior to surgery, the specialist doctor may have some methods to deal with it.
  • Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) can be used as a medical hairline tattoo.
  • Tricopigmentation(TMP) can be used as the pigmented ink can be injected into the dermis’ uppermost level.
  • Laser treatment can also be used in reducing the scars.

It is important to keep in mind to go to a reputable hair transplant surgeon for treatments to avoid issues such as permanent scarring.

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