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Describe hair Bonding with Its Procedures, Advantages, and Disadvantages?

Hair Bonding In Gurgaon

Hair bonding is the process of weaving the hair to be placed with the adhesive over the scalp.  The adhesive used over here is also known as the hair glue. This gum is placed in a section of wefted hair and even over the natural hair of an individual. The hair bonding is an effective way of removing damage to the natural hair. This is also a non-surgical hair replacement process. Here the silicon bond is used to shave off the region that has baldness. 

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Hair bonding procedures

There is step by step process of hair bonding. Do you want to go for the permanent hair fixing? Following is the process:

  • First, the experts will measure the region of your hair where baldness exists
  • Then the silicon medical bond is used in fixing the hair over the bald area
  • This fixing is done for a span of one month. Within this time it is quite fine if you go ahead with the procedure of hair coloring, spa, using dryers, riding, swimming, etc.

Advantages of hair bonding

  • You can get this hair bonding at very low cost at an initial stage
  • People with the bald head will get the best solution overall
  • This technique is medically approved
  • You can get the volume if hair as per your wish
  • The output will be 100% normal

Disadvantage or side effects of bonding

  • The patient who has done bonding needs to visit the clinic every month
  • You must use only branded shampoos after bonding
  • There is a huge expenditure in each maintenance
  • It is good to use the comb with bigger and flat gaps
  • Patient must take care of matching colors

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You all must carefully know about the advantages as well as disadvantages of hair bonding process. Most people are availing the process with full satisfaction.

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