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Thyroid a Culprit for Hair Loss.!!

Throid hair loss

Hair is really a valuable asset as a crowning glory we all are proud of. Fair to call it a confidence booster. The moment we begin to lose it in bunches we must understand that there is something wrong with our body.

There are many internal as well as external factors which trigger hair falls, such as pollution, use of chemicals and heat treatments, major illnesses, stress, deficiency of macro and micronutrients autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalance etc.

Let’s come to our query. Is thyroid responsible for hair loss .?? Yes, thyroid conditions cause hair loss if it is severe and go untreated. What is thyroid all about we need to understand. It is a kind of hormone imbalance The reasons a sedentary lifestyle and wrong dietary intake. Since we have understood that the thyroid is a kind of hormone imbalance and how it impacts our body, we need to go into details.

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the front of the neck which secretes thyroxine hormone responsible for regulating the metabolism. Thyroid condition occurs when this gland doesn’t produce enough hormone then this condition is called Hypothyroidism. If the gland produces the hormone in excess, then the condition is called Hyperthyroidism.

Hypothyroidism or underactive hormone causes weight gain and fatigue whereas Hyperthyroidism or overactive hormone can cause weight loss n nervousness. Other than all this, hormone imbalance does target hairs too. Hairs become dry, brittle and thinning of hairs on the scalp is visible. The thyroid is like an intrusion to our hairs health which is indeed an integral asset of our personality ……So it’s apt to say that hairs are under threat.

Let’s go little deeper into the science of connection between thyroid and hair loss.

Before understanding the science of losing hair we need to know, how it grows.

1-Hair starts growing at root in the bottom of your hair follicle on your scalp.

2-Blood vessels in the scalp feed the roots to create more cells which make hair grows.

3-Hair pushes up and out through your skin. It passes through oil glands which help to keep hair soft and shiny.

4-Hair grows for a while but then hair falls out as each new regrowth cycle begins.

When hormone production is disrupted, T3 thyroid hormone thyroxine and T4 triiodothyronine direct attack the human hair follicles resulting in hair loss and thinning of hair across your scalp and eyebrows could be noticed.

Autoimmune disorder along with thyroid also causes Alopecia where hair loss is in patches in discrete areas.

The conclusion is that Thyroid hormone fuel up day to day hair follicles. This means a drop in hormone levels can cause significant hair loss all over the scalp. The Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism established this link between the thyroid health and hair loss.

If you are wondering why do thyroid problem causes hair loss then there is a simple answer-that is thyroid hormone plays a crucial role in the development and maintenance of hair follicles.

Good news is that hair loss caused by thyroid condition is temporary. It is possible to overcome this issue by establishing the balance in hormone production………

Points come ……Ways to restore Hairs undoubtedly

an important asset which enhances our beauty.

Measures to be taken and followed sincerely to restore our hairs are as follows:

Proper medication prescribed by your GP, Proper diet, exercise, avoiding stress would definitely help in keeping thyroid problem at bay. Convert all the imbalances into balance and cherish the super outcome.

Last but not the least……Here begin the HAPPY HAIR DAYS…..


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