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10 Ways in Which You Can Get Smooth and Shiny Hair This Hold

smooth and shiny hair this hold

Holi is one of the most popular festivals in India. It is a festival of colors and on this day everyone indulged in the pichkaris, gulaals and water balloons that we completely forget about what all the chemicals present in the colors could do to our hairs. To protect the body parts people wear full sleeve clothes and they apply oil on the body as well but they forgot about protecting their hairs from these colors. Because if we will not protect our hairs, hairs can be damaged at a very age. Follow these easy and simple beauty tips for hair to give that luster and shine and protect your hairs from holi colors.

  • Need to do an oil massage first: This is the first step you need to follow. Before you step out of your house to enjoy this festival, make sure to give your hair a good oil massage to put a protective layer on your hairs.
  • Apply Curd:After you give your hair a single wash, apply some curd. Curd helps to repair the damage, moisturize your hair and make them smooth.
  • Use Lemon Juice: You can also use lemon juice because the acidic nature of lemon juice cleanses the scalp and maintains the pH balance of scalp as well.
  • Cover your hair: If you want you can also cover your hair before stepping out. Before even after taking all the precautions you cannot escape your hairs from chemicals and colors what you can do you can take a scarf and cover your hairs as it looks stylish as well and will going to protect your hairs from colors and chemicals as well.
  • Protect the roots:It is very important to protect the roots of your hairs from the holi colors. So while applying the oil do a proper massage and pay attention to your roots so that they can be protected from holi colors and chemicals.
  • Tie a Bun:Before stepping out of your house you can also tie your hairs because then only a certain part of your hairs will going to come in contact with Holi colors. And the hair inside the bun will be safe.

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