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Ayurvedic Treatment for Dandruff

Female Hair Loss Treatment

Irritated by those dry, white flakes falling off your shoulder and that itching sensation? Do not worry. Ayurveda provides a number of Female Hair Loss Treatment as well as home remedies that are known to be highly effective in the treatment of dandruff. Ayurveda categorizes the problem of dandruff as Shudra Roga, which appears because of an imbalance of all three doshas. The main doshas involved are Pitta and Vata. Pitta symbolizes heat or fire and Vata is dry and rough in Taseer or nature. In an aggravated state, both doshas make the production of specific impurities, known as ama, which are dry and heating in nature. These impurities build up in the deep tissues of the scalp and infect them. Contamination of the deep tissues and aggravated Vata-Pitta Dosha be the reason for itching and patches on the scalp. Due to which, the scalp shed more than normal amounts of dead epidermal cells, which causes dandruff.

The Ayurvedic approach of Female Hair Loss Treatment usually involves pacifying Pitta and Vata through herbal medicines, as well as an appropriate diet and lifestyle plan. Also, unique herbs are administered to cleanse the body of accumulated digestive impurities.

Ayurvedic treatment for Dandruff

When the reason for dandruff lies on the scalp such as dry skin than just applying hair oil, proper cleaning and local treatment will be enough to cure dandruff.

If the dandruff is due to any underlying skin disease like psoriasis, treatment for the causative disease will be required to overcome the problem

Ayurvedic hair oils for the treatment of dandruff: 

  • Triphaladya taila
  • Bhringaraja taila
  • Durdurapatradi taila
  • Nalpamaradi taila
  • Chemparutyadi taila etc

Ayurvedic medicines useful in this problem are

Bhringarajasava: It is an alcoholic Ayurvedic medicine for Female Hair Loss Treatment that improves immunity and skin complexion, and therefore is useful in dandruff treatment.

Saptamrita loha: Contains Indian licorice and Triphala and is very useful in any skin problems.

Chandanasava: Chandanasava improves immunity and relieves excessive oiliness, decreasing the possibility of dry skin build ups and hence dandruff.

Narasimha Rasayana: It improves hair quality and scalp skin health. This is more effective when dandruff is caused by dryness in the scalp.

Diet and Lifestyle tips:

  • Wash your hair frequently with a mild shampoo.
  • Massage your hair with oil regularly.
  • Avoid spicy, greasy, junk food, and aerated beverages.
  • Have a healthy and nutritious diet
  • Practice yoga and exercise regularly.

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