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Best Possible Clinical Procedure for Hair Restoration

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People are suffering from hair loss problem. Some say it is due to the season whereas some blame the genes. But, there are many more reasons for hair loss and hair fall. Our environment is filled with dust and pollutants. The water through which we wash our hair also contains contamination. In such a situation, all of us must go through the hair restoration process. You can find a wide number of such process from where you can choose the right one.

Best ways of hair restoration
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) –This is a type of hair restoration process where donor hair and recipient area are involved. The hair follicles from the donor’s hair are taken and transplanted in the area where the hair is getting lagged. The follicles are mostly taken from the areas like back od the head and sides where the hair is seen in maximum.

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  • Robotic hair restoration – This is one of the cutting-edge transplant technologies where a surgery is involved. This is a type of hair transplant process where the receiver won’t have a single scarring over the scalp area. You will be surprised to know that there won’t be any stitches as well. If you have tried the traditional linear strip method, the robotic hair restoration process would come with the short recovery period.

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  • Strip Harvesting – Strip harvesting or FUT is the process of hair restoration, where the strip dissection process is involved. You will be hearing this term for the first time. But, this is the process where the dissection of the strip is done to the micrografts. Once this process is done, the hair grafting surgeon will place the tiny holes over the scalp area with missing hair.  Also, the post-surgery mechanism is really effective. The area of donors is to be covered with a bandage.

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There are various methods of Hair Transplantation, the choice of the methods will entirely depend on the level of hair fall or baldness. Book an appointment with your nearest and best hair treatment specialist doctor in Gurgaon

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