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Can stress negatively affect the hair Transplant?

stress negatively affect the hair Transplant

Stress may affect on human in many ways from weight loss to hair loss and Yes, this is true that stress and hair loss are related to each other, only the condition differs because in normal condition hair grow back within 3 to 6 months but in the condition of Hair Transplant there is no chance of growing back of hairs because this time it is not natural hair. This question arises many times that can stress negatively affect the hair transplant and as always the answer is “yes it can”.

What is a hair transplant? 

It is a surgical way to remove hair follicles from one part of the body but mostly it is used to treat the baldness. The process of hair transplant is also used to restore eyebrow, beard hair, eyelash and in many other ways.

Why avoid stress?

You should avoid the stressful situation this will let you intake tobacco, alcohol or you will start doing smoking to lower the stress, many of the people think that intake of any such thing will let you decrease the level of the stress.

Things to be done after hair transplant

Avoid swelling in any part of your head for this patient have to sleep in the position of 45 degrees, Not to eat aspirin and avoid the intake of alcohol and the most important thing is to avoid stress because this may result in failure of hair transplant.

How you can avoid being in stress: –

  • By keeping a positive attitude: – keeping a negative attitude impacts your body in a negative way.
  • Eating healthy foods: – always try to eat healthy and high fiber food which lets you increase your stamina and helps in maintaining immunity.
  • Try to do yoga or exercise: – this is the best technique to lower the level of stress

Hence, it is better to avoid stress not only because of hair transplant, but it’s about your health and if someone asks you that can stress negatively affect the hair transplant then let them know by giving a brief of it.

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