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Hair Transplant

Hair transplant

Having healthy luscious hair is the dream of all. But not everyone is blessed with genes that make them happy about their hair. In fact, quite a few times people with healthy and voluminous hair experience massive hair fall and dullness in hair texture. This can be the result of environmental changes, pollution, hormonal misbalance or use of chemical products. Some people, especially men can experience hair loss in a patch with aging. With no doubt, everyone wants to have voluminous and healthy hair, but some uncontrollable factors can become a barrier. A hair transplant is a medical advancement that can help achieve or regain fuller hair.

Hair transplant surgery is typically a form of skin graft process in which the healthy hair follicles from one area of the scalp is moved to the affected scalp area. If your thinning hair or patchy bald head drags down your confidence, the procedure is for you. It is possible to achieve natural beauty of hair with this advanced technology. Hair transplant surgery can give you a fuller head of hair with all that natural look that hair extensions are not completely successful at.

Prospective Candidate for hair transplant?

If you are looking forward to a hair transplant surgery, the following points will be considered prior to treatment: –

  1. Your scalp has enough healthy hair so that the healthy hair follicles can be transplanted to the scalp area with thin hair or baldness.
  2. The scalp has the ability to grow hair on the affected area of the scalp.

While you consult a dermatologist for the treatment, the doctor will examine your scalp and guide you through the procedure. A blood test may be done to identify the reasons for hair loss. Scalp biopsy is another way to examine the scalp in which the dermatologist scrapes away a small portion of the scalp to examine the area. Once the tests are performed the doctor will tell you if you are a capable candidate for hair transplant.

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