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Hair Transplantation-Is It Safe Or There Are Risks Associated

Hair Transplantation

People usually don’t take their hair fall and other hair related problems unless it comes to a point where they cannot do anything about it. But often hair fall or other hair related issues affect the hair growth and people start feeling unconfident due to lesser hairs over their head. But if you have fewer hairs at some specific part of the head or just thin hairs it can be due to many reasons including poor diet, climate or even health issues. The procedure of hair transplantation is specially meant for such people who have such problems and want to get their dense hair back.

What is the procedure of hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgery where the hairs from the head parts with dense hair growth are planted to the spots with lesser or no hair growth. It can, therefore, help the person to gain back better and even hair growth than before. The procedure is carried out by a surgeon under all medical supervision so that there are no issues later.

Is hair transplant really safe?

If you are having the transplant getting performed by an experienced and certified surgeon, it will be safe for sure. But the individual tendency to reactions and healing after the surgery differs. Every surgery is prone to the risks of infection and scars and so is hair transplantation; however, there are unexceptional risks to occur.

The scalp of your head is quite tender after the surgery is performed and you will be advised some medicines to take for a few days. You will also have bandages over your head for two days, but you can return to work in 5 days after the transplant is done. People can start noticing new and better hair growth in about 9 months after the surgery is performed.

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