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How to Prevent Hair Loss Due to Anemia

Apart from medications and treatment, you will have to take care of your general health and lead a healthy lifestyle

Eat a healthy, balanced diet: Be positive to fill up on iron-rich foods like spinach, peas, lean proteins, and dried fruit. You must also go for the phrase “iron-fortified” on labels of packaged foods such as cereals.

Add vitamin C to your diet: These foods permit your body to absorb iron more competently. Try to eat more oranges, tomatoes, strawberries, melons, and broccoli.

Wear your hair down: Avoid wearing it tight in a headband as it can lead to breakage and hair loss.

Defend your hair from the elements with scarves and hats: On extremely sunny and windy days, cover your hair with scarves and hats.

Wash and comb your hair gently: Be gentle to your hair, it may help you avoid pulling out any excess hair in routine maintenance.

Avoid using chemicals and hair dyes: Avoid using harsh chemicals and get help or suggestions from a qualified professional.

Anemia can be cured with the help of medicine yet getting the lost hair back can be troublesome. Avail Ayurvedic hair treatment in Gurgaon only at VHCA to regrow hairs.

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