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There are various surgical hair transplant options are available in which hair follicles are removed from the donor area and implanted to the receiver area. Out of the various methods, FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation procedure is the best method. In this process, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area from the human body and the same is implanted in the receiver area. The donor or receiver area belongs to the same human only. The donor area possibly belongs to the beard, upper chest, and upper back area so that removing the hairs might not pain too much. The costing will range from the graft system.

The treatment is gaining its recognition day by day. In this process, hair follicles group of two or more hairs is extracted and implanted. it has broadened the scope of hair transplantation. The hair expert or surgeon will analyze the hair follicles and the strength thereof so that right treatment can be offered.

FUE Hair Transplant Treatment Gurgaon

Who can opt for the FUE Hair Transplant?

Before opting for the FUE Hair Transplant procedure, one must check out the following list or condition:-

  • Patient must not be completely bald. Stage two condition is applicable to perform the FUE hair transplant.
  • Only short hair people can choose for the FUE hair transplant Treatment in Gurgaon
  • People who are willing to donate the chest, beard and upper back hairs can choose the FUR Hair Transplant
  • Prior surgical patients looking for the hair repair may opt for the FUE hair transplant
  • Patients who have gone through the FUT and having a complaint of the tight scalp may choose for the FUE Hair Transplant

The procedure of FUE Hair Transplant:-

FUE Hair Transplant Gurgaon

The process involves taking initial counseling in which Hair surgeon will examine the hairs and will ask for the medical history & biological factors which may help us to analyze the actual reasons for Hair Loss or baldness. The doctor may suggest some medicine to administer the patients immune system and meanwhile paperwork can be accomplished. On the first day of FUE Hair Transplant procedure, the patient will be asked to go for hypersensitivity tests and all vitals are monitored. with using local anesthesia, the scalp is made numb so not to feel any pain or discomfort. The donor area will be selected only after checking the various factors such as natural growth density, angulation of hair follicles, and orientation of hair shaft. once the factors are checked, hair follicles donor area is marked and grafts are removed in a group of two or more hairs one by one which is done with the help of a micro-punch. After that, hair follicles are placed on the receiver site and grafts are checked again and again. Once the surgeon is satisfied with the grafting, an area is closed. The patient may be prescribed some medications and antibiotics.

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant:-

The whole course may take time of 2 months consisting surgery and oral medication. The surgeon may provide some oils and shampoo to apply on the hairs for the longer duration deepening upon the intensity of hair problem.

FUE Hair Transplant is a one time process which may lead to longer and effective results. VHCA Hair Clinic is one of the best Hair Transplant Clinic in Gurgaon offering Quality & proven FUE Hair transplant Surgery in Gurgaon through Experienced Surgeon. Book an appointment now and help to grow the hairs naturally.

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