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PRP Hair Loss Treatment in Gurgaon

Best PRP Hair Treatment in Gurgaon

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VHCA Hair Clinic, which is India’s most reliable and dependable hair transplantation clinic, offers expert hair loss treatment with its well-equipped and most contemporary clinic in Gurgaon. Therefore, if you are also the one looking for hair loss treatment in Gurgaon, then it’s time to make your move right away.


Principal categories of modern hair loss treatment-

1. PRP Therapy

Well known and recognised as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, PRP falls under the category of non-surgical therapeutic option for those patients who need immediate stimulation of hair growth to combat hair loss problems. This method yields natural growth factors present in the human blood. In the contemporary medical science, PRP therapy has established itself as one of the most effective methodologies, particularly in the streams such as Oral Surgery, Neurosurgery, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Sports Medicine and Orthopedics. These days, this therapy is in extensive use across the globe with positive and high success rate.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is immunologically neutral and brings forth no danger in the light of the fact that it is derived from patient’s own blood. This is the reason it creates no allergy, hypersensitivity and any other unwanted reaction.

Best Hair Loss Treatment Gurgaon

PRP has proved to be a panacea for effective treatment of extreme hair loss for so many significant reasons. Some of them include the following-

2. Mesotherapy

In this therapy, vitamins, enzymes and medicines are injected into the skin of the affected people or patients. In the year 1987, Mesotherapy was recognized by the French academy of medicine as an inherent part of the conventional medicines. At present, hair fall experts in the United States and Europe are very comprehensively making use of it. It acts as an agent of natural hair growth stimulation and checks hair fall with immediate effect. Being painless and 100% safe, this treatment needs no local anaesthesia and dressing. This treatment offers immediately visible rejuvenation to hair and takes around 15 to 30 minutes depending on the area to be treated.

3. Low Level Laser Light Therapy

This therapy is all about a method that makes use of low level laser light within a specific wavelength. It has long been recognized that near-infrared laser light encourages and elevates tissue repair and regeneration, and on the other hand, low-level laser therapy (LLLT) stimulates cellular activity in the human body. Right after the remarkable discovery of lasers in the 1960s, these laser-based devices have been in tremendous use to treat various medical conditions including hair fall. LLLT devices create no heat, and are considered to be 100% safe as they never burn or harm the skin. The principal advantage of this therapy lies in laser light which stimulates the cells within the follicles.

Further researches and investigations are being made on this therapy of light to treat a large number of health conditions other than hair fall. It also finds heavy use in genetic forms of hair loss which is the commonest phenomenon in both men and women around the globe.

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