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Hair Treatment Services

Hair Patch Gurgaon
Hair Patch in Gurgaon

Hair patch or hair Pieces is the most convenient and the cheapest way of treating the area of baldness. Hair fall or hair loss may lead to embarrassment to the people due to which they are unable to face the public confidently. They may get into depression which may be a problematic situation. Not only the male, female can be seen suffering from the hair loss issues.

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 Hair Wig Gurgaon
Hair Wigs in Gurgaon

Hair fall has become the common problems due to stress, biological and environmental factors. Hair treatments prove to be costly for the middle-class families so they look for the cheapest and affordable hair growth option. Hair wigs come as the unique and trendy option which is pocket-friendly. People suffering from Hair baldness may get the wigs attached to the head.

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Hair Bonding Gurgaon
Hair Bonding in Gurgaon

Hair Bonding is one of the most popular hair restoration methods and non-surgical Treatments in Gurgaon which is also called clip system if performed temporarily. In the temporary hair clip system, hair clip of the unit takes three side legs. These clips are fitted inside with the help of the existing hairs and hair units are fixed. It a is a day procedure and can be the ...

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hair bonding
Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Gurgaon

Hair Replacement is one of the most innovative techniques to get the natural looking hairs. In this process, human hairs will be integrated with your own hairs giving the look of natural hairs. it will cover the whole head removing the area of baldness. with having the hair replacements treatment, you will be able to do anything like swimming, sports, riding or any other physical activity.

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Ayurvedic Hairloss Treatment
Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss & Hair fall in Gurgaon

No one loves hair fall or hair loss. It is normal to bear the hair loss of 50 in a day but if it becomes excessive, it is the matter of tension. There are various reasons for the hair fall or hair loss which may lead to baldness if it is not treated on time. At VHCA Hair Clinic, we offer Ayurvedic hair treatment so as to get the desired results with no side-effects.We provide highly effective Ayurvedic...

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Painless Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant Treatments in Gurgaon

Want to retain your personality and the charm, better to consult with the reputes hair transplant surgeon in Gurgaon!! Yes, Your tall physique, sharp features, and fair complexion will get dull if your hairs are missing or if you are suffering from the badness or hair loss problems. No one will speak on your mouth, but back bitching will definitely hurt...

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Hair Treatment
FUE Hair Transplant in Gurgaon

There are various surgical hair transplant options are available in which hair follicles are removed from the donor area and implanted to the receiver area. Out of the various methods, FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation procedure is the best method. In this process, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area...

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